Floating On

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A strange creature. What is it? Where did it come from? Who knows?


Tom was just a small child when scientists declared that the Event was over. Amidst the final throes of a dying revolution, his family managed to secure passage on a colony ship headed for Titan using the entirety of their life savings. Unfortunately, cryostasis was not nearly as advanced back then, and accidents were known to happen. By the time the ship arrived at the Titan shipyard, Tom had lost his entire family and half of his left arm. Without insurance or an inheritance, he was left as a ward of the state.


Catalina was born on Mars, post-Event. She was the only child of a middle-class family, and was considered quite well off. As a youth, she joined her father as he worked on mechs and shuttles, and eventually took a liking to his occupation. Being an official citizen of Mars, she was able to enjoy many of the benefits of the Martian educational system: advanced degrees, hands-on experience, and a lifetime of student debt.


Greg lived through nearly half of the Event. He watched as his world slowly destroyed itself for seemingly no reason and eventually came to the conclusion that it would be best to simply start over on a different planet. He applied himself to his education, specializing in both biology and environmental science. He knew that one day he would be able to use those skills to create a new world in another star system. Unfortunately, he got old and now needs to earn enough money for gene therapy.