Floating On

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About the Comic

It's been nearly a century since the Event began - and only twenty-five years since it ended. Much of mankind has fled to the stars, leaving behind millennia worth of waste, pollution, and rusted technology. The dregs of humanity - the stragglers abandoned during the mass exodus of Earth - cling stubbornly to the final bits of land still remaining.

Not all hope for the Earth has been lost, however. Several optimistic enterprises have left research stations scattered about the upper atmosphere of the planet. All hope to be the first to reclaim the Earth for humanity.

Unfortunately for them, not all inhabitants of Earth would like to see a return of the human empire.

Note: I've been changing the lore around. This page may be slightly different each time you see it.

About the Authors



Hey! I'm the writer for this comic! I also do all the storyboarding and linework! I'm pretty lazy so I usually don't end up sketching thumbnails for a page until a week or two before it should be uploaded. If a page is late, I'm probably the one to blame!



Hello! I'm the colorist for this comic. I color between the lines most of the time, but if I miss a spot or two, please just ignore it. I'm also supposed to be the editor. That's just my glorified title, though.


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